Spring is officially underway
 Small forbs shooting up in dry ground. However, it had received a small amount of rain the week before. 

Small forbs shooting up in dry ground. However, it had received a small amount of rain the week before. 

March is a transition month when temps are on the rise and the cool season items begin to fade away towards the end of the month. Any warm season item can be planted in March, depending on the conditions from year to year. Keep an eye out for the term "warm season" on our website and those items will do well if planted from now until early June. These seeds will begin to germinate when the nights get warmer. 

Planting tips: Try to plan your seed planting prior to a rain event.  Soil-to-seed contact is important so if you have to spread your seed with a broadcaster or by hand, make sure to run over it with a rake or some other apparatus to lightly cover the seed in the topsoil. 

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New Product Brochures

New! We now have a section with our product brochures. We have plenty of this information on our website on the product pages -- this is just one more way to access the information to help you get the best success out of your project.

And remember, we are always a phone call away if you have any questions on which species will be best for you or what planting methods will work best. 1-888-DKSEEDS (357-3337)

Good luck on your project! 

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Wildflower Sightings
2018-03-15 blue bonnets,ts_-5.jpg

Bluebonnets are starting to crop up all around the state. We have been seeing many blooms at our farms and on the sides of the road. 

Keep your eyes peeled, wildflower season is here! 

Planting tip: If you want to plant wildflowers to bloom next spring, plan to get them in the ground this fall. Of course, you can plant this spring and they will come up, but they might take a full cycle before they bloom. We have learned if you plant wildflowers in the fall, they will sprout up, then go dormant and when they wake up in the spring they are ready to produce many flowers. 

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What Are Ecoregions?
Texas Map.jpg

You may see this term a lot on our website, because our Texas Certified Natives Species have been researched to see where they are best adapted to thrive.

An ecoregion is an area of land that is similar in habitat, geology, soil, and vegetation. Eco-regions are large, general groupings and there can be some variety within the region. As far as finding the right seed for your project, however, this is a great place to begin. The Texas Native seed species have the regions they perform best in listed in the region section.

Feel free to use this map as a guide as you go through our site and look at the many varieties we have to offer. 

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