Why Plant Texas Native Species?

There are many benefits to planting native species of grasses and forbs. If you are trying to restore a habitat, there is nothing better than planting the species that the local fauna has adapted to over generations.

Additionally, native species grow deep root systems to endure drought and cold. The deep root systems also pull down water, thus reducing the amount of flooding during heavy rains, and channeling water to the underground aquifers and springs. Those same root systems help stabilize soil and reduce erosion.

To sum it up, there are at least 5 strong reasons to plant native grasses and forbs:

  1. Benefits Wildlife

  2. Increase groundwater supply

  3. Reduces floodwater run off

  4. Erosion control

  5. Drought tolerance

Ensuring a successful stand from planting is just as important. Native grasses have historically been tough getting started. They require patience and precise environmental cues to germinate, which is why we have focused our production efforts on growing local ecotype varieties.

Plants have genetic variation across differing environments, yet are still the same species. One variety of little bluestem picked from the Rio Grande Valley might not do so well in the Permian Basin and vice versa. This is where the local ecotype varieties become beneficial. By picking varieties that have been genetically identified and researched to do well in your ecoregion, you are fine-tuning your project to ensure you get the very best from your planting effort.

Douglass Kind Seeds is a producer of certified Texas Native plant varieties. Our varieties were locally sourced around Texas and grown in Texas. We are proud to work with the Texas Native Seeds project at the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute, who has done immense research on where each variety will do best.

We have been growing Texas Native varieties since 2009 and now produce over 30 selections. If you are interested in reseeding your property and want to use native species, please reach out to us. We have seed specialists who are experienced at creating custom mixes that will work for your specific location and purpose.