Ryegrass is a cool season, fast germinating grass that is used to provide green lawns in the winter and feed grazing animals in the pasture. It establishes quickly and in central and south Texas it will die out right about the time that the permanent grasses will be coming out of dormancy — making it the perfect off season component.

There are many varieties available, but we sell three selections that are the best performers out there.

For Lawns

Diamond Perennial Ryegrass – this grass is great for providing green, slow growing grass during the winter months. Since it is slow growing, you will not have to mow it as frequently as the annual varieties.

This grass does well being overseeded into a lawn to fill in bare patches, but is not recommended for native grass lawns as the native grasses are slower growing and sensitive to the growth inhibitor hormones that ryegrasses release.

In central and south Texas perennial ryegrasses die out once the temperatures rise in the summer.

In shady areas they may persist, but will not grow in thickly.

Turf-type Perennial Ryegrass

Diamond Perennial Rye in a Central Texas Lawn in December. The perennial rye doesn’t grow very fast, so less mowing is needed.

Annual Ryegrass
Annual ryegrass is a faster growing variety, which is great for grazing animals.

For Pasture

TAM 90 Annual Ryegrass – this variety comes from Texas A&M research facilities. It is an excellent ryegrass, but grows rather quickly so it might not be the best option for lawns and turf. Its rapid growth is excellent for putting grazing animals on and is a great forage for the winter months. Annual ryegrass will die out once the temperatures warm up in the late spring and summer months. Unless it is able to seed out before die-off or grazing, it will not return the following cool season.

You can use this variety in a lawn, but be prepared to mow frequently during the winter.

Alamo Tetraploid Ryegrass – This is an annual variety that produces a bigger leaf which provides more forage for grazing animals. This fast growing variety is not recommended for lawn and turf uses. (This variety is not sold online yet. To request a price, call us or click here.)