Product Brochures

Below are brochures of our popular products. Feel free to download as many as you need. And as always, we are only a phone call away if you have any questions.

Turf And Lawn Grasses

Habiturf, The Native Turf Grass

Common Bermuda

Texoka Buffalograss

Maya Bermuda

Black Jack Bermuda

Native Prairie Grass Mixes

King’s Native Grass Mix

King’s South Texas Native Grass Mix

King’s Native Short Grass Mix


Native Wildflowers

Texas Bluebonnets

King’s Wildflower Mix

Mariposa Zizotes Milkweed

Feed The B’s Wildflower Mix

King’s Wildlife Food Plots

South Texas Spring Legume Mix

Trophy Forage Plus

South Texas Dove & Quail Mix

King’s Maximo+ Fall Food Plot

Pasture And Forage Grasses


NK-37 Giant Bermuda

King’s Forage Blend