Balli Germplasm Prostrate Bundleflower

Balli Germplasm Prostrate Bundleflower


Prostrate bundleflower is a low growing, native warm season perennial legume with stems 75 cm or longer. It produces small white flowers during the summer and seed ripens at the beginning of July in South Texas. The fruits are legume pods 2.2-8.8 cm long, which split open when ripe, and contain 9-27 seeds per pod.  Prostrate bundleflower is recommended for upland wildlife plantings, critical site revegetation, roadside plantings, and for inclusion in range seeding mixes.  Prostrate provides forage and seeds utilized by bobwhite quail, Rio Grande turkey, white-tailed deer, and livestock.

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  • Planting Rate/Ac: 2.0-3.0 pls

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