Zapata Rio Grande Clammyweed

Zapata Rio Grande Clammyweed


Zapata Rio Grande clammyweed is a native, annual forb with a mature foliage height ranging from 24 to 60 inches. It produces pink flowers and seed from March through November. Rio Grande clammyweed produces seed eaten by a variety of game birds and wildlife. It is a good nectar source and outstanding attractant for a number of butterflies and pollinators, and harbors large insect populations beneficial to wildlife. Rio Grande clammyweed foliage is not grazed by livestock or wildlife. It is recommended for use in upland wildlife plantings, food plots for game birds, native landscaping, and in range seeding mixes.

This plant is certified as "Zapata Germplasm Rio Grande Clammyweed" by the Texas Department of Agricultural. We are a proud producer of South Texas Natives plant varieties.  

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  • Planting Rate/Ac: 6.0-8.0 pls

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