Native Grasses 

If you are looking to restore your land with native grasses, provide food or cover for wildlife, create erosion control, or more, planting natives is a great option. Feel free to call us at 1-888-DKSEEDS and our knowledgeable Seed Specialists can create a mix just for you.

Native Grass Mixes

Planting mixes has an advantage over planting traditional monocultures in many ways. The utmost benefit is it provides diversity of habitat and nutrition for wildlife, but it also improves the planting success for the project. In certain soil spots, one species might not germinate, but another will, so having a blend of species will increase your success rate

Native Grass Items

Below are the different species of grasses that can become components of a custom blend. One of the benefits of planting Natives is better drought tolerance and improved wildlife habitat.