Annual Ryegrass

Annual ryegrass is a cool season forage grass that is primarily used for livestock forage in the cooler months.  It is commonly overseeded in warm season pastures.  Deer may browse on ryegrass, but it is not a preferred species for them.  For  fall 2021 plantings, we have TAM90 and Alamo Tetraploid annual ryegrasses in stock.

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Annual ryegrass is a cool season annual forage that is primarily used for livestock forage provision and erosion control south, central, and eastern parts of Texas.  It is adapted to most soil types. Plants grow 1-3’ at maturity.  When used as a temporary cool season cover, this species can volunteer in subsequent years if allow to produce seed.  It is the most common cool season forage planted for livestock in Texas.

For winter forage production for livestock, ryegrass is commonly overseeded in established grass pastures in early autumn or planted in tandem with wheat or oats.   Deer will graze ryegrass, but it is not a preferred forage for them. The grass’ late maturity in spring can make it a problematic competitor with some warm season pastures, especially those containing native grasses.  Ryegrass is also a common plant for erosion control seeding in winter; however care should be used to terminate the stand before maturity or before planting permanent seed mixes. 

Planting Rate: 20-30 lbs per acre

For more information: Annual Winter Pasture Establishment, Management, and Utilization from Texas Agricultural Extension Service

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