A vining annual legume that grows from 1 to 2 ft. tall. Drought resistant and easily established. Unlike other cowpea varieties, Iron & Clays continue to grow and produce forage after the seed is dropped. Good regrowth. Highly palatable to deer, with a protein content of up to 27%. Quail and other game birds relish the seed and benefit from its nutritional value if the plant is allowed to seed. 100 day maturity. A staple of any food plot for deer.

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Uses: Cowpea is a classification for a group warm season peas that can be used for high protein forage for livestock and wildlife. Cowpeas are also used as a nitrogen fixing cover crops.

Planting depth: 1 inch

Planting Rate: 20-30 lbs per acre

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Warm Season

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Deer, Doves, Quail, Turkeys