Huisache Daisy

Huisache Daisy is a native, warm season annual wildflower that grows to 1’ in height. It produces extremely fragrant yellow blooms. This species excellent early spring pollinator attractant when few other plants are blooming. Huisache daisy is often the first spring wildflower to bloom, flowering as early as January in South Texas. Deer relish the foliage and blooms of the plant. Once established and allowed to go to seed Huisache daisy readily reseeds itself and returns year after year.

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Planting: Rangeland Plantings: Plant in the fall or early spring at a rate of 6-8 lbs. pure live seed per acre at ¼ to ½ inch deep. Landscape Plantings: Plant 1-2 lbs. PLS per 1,000 ft2.

Soil: All soils

Height: <1’

Regions: Texas-wide

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