Sideoats Grama

Side oats grama is the official State Grass of Texas. Its wide distribution and value as livestock forage make it an important pasture grass statewide. It also has value as cover for small mammals and birds, and for reclamation. El Reno Sideoats Grama and Haskel Sideoats Grama are two varieties of side oats grama that we sell.

Sideoats is adapted to a broad range of sandy to clayey textured soils; it is least tolerant of loose sands and dense clays. The best stands of side-oats are found on medium to fine texture upland soils. This species has shown varying tolerance to soil salinity from weak to moderate. Side-oats is moderately drought tolerant, but less than blue grama. It is possibly has the widest range of adaptation of any of the warm-season perennial grass plants.

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Sideoats grama is the official State Grass of Texas. It is a native, warm season perennial bunchgrass that grows 3-5’ at maturity. Its wide distribution and value as livestock forage make it one of the important range grasses statewide. It is most common in the western two-thirds of Texas, and is found on most soils except extremely sandy sites. It has excellent value as cover for small mammals, birds, and wildlife, and it is a preferred nesting grass for quail on many in Texas range sites. It is a primary component of range and wildlife restoration seed mixes, right of way reclamation plantings, and as an interesting ornamental. 

Two botanical varieties of Sideoats grama are common in Texas, and both types frequently grow on the same sites.  One type forms dense turf-like colonies with broad, short leaves. This type often grows in partial shade, on upland prairies, or over shallow limestone soils.  The other is a tall, wiry bunchgrass that is more common in the western and northern parts of Texas. Several commercial varieties of Sideoats grama are available for use in Texas, including El Reno, Haskell, South Texas, and Brewster.  In many cases, two varieties of the grass are appropriate for most planting sites.  Sideoats grama is one of the easiest native grasses to establish from seed. 

Planting Rate: 4-6 lbs. pure live seed (PLS) per acre

For more information: Sideoats Grama Plant Guide from USDA NRCS

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