Common Bermudagrass

Common Bermudagrass


Bermudagrass is one of the most popular turf grasses in the United States. It is relatively drought and weed tolerant and can withstand higher levels of foot traffic than some other grasses.

Common Bermudagrass is most often used for grazing, hay, lawns, waterways, roadways, and so much more. It has good drought and wear resistance, spreads vigorously, and requires low maintenance. Common bermudagrass can survive periodic droughts and will remain green from late spring until first frost.

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Planting: Plant in the spring at a rate of 1-2 lbs. per 1000 square feet at 1/4 inch deep.

Soil: Well drained soils in full sunlight

Height: 4-18 inches

Type: Warm Season Perennial

Region: Texas-wide