Dilley Slender Grama

Dilley Slender Grama


The Dilley Slender Grama is a blend of 4 collections from the Rio Grande Plains. Its resiliency and poor forage value make it an excellent choice for erosion control, wildlife plantings, and restoration. The grass produces multiple heads that bear 5-9 seed spikes, each bearing 5-8 seeds. It will flower and produce seed throughout the year. Individual plants are long lived, and Dilley Slender Grama frequently reseeds itself. 

Good for erosion control, wildlife planting, rangeland restoration and right-of-way planting.


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Our Texas Natives are certified "Selected Texas Native Germplasm" by the Texas Department of Agriculture. Each variety is of a specific ecotype of its species that was locally sourced from counties in Texas.

Planting: Plant at a rate of 5 lbs. pure live seed (PLS)per acre at a maximum depth of 1/4 inch.

Soil: Sand, sandy loam, clay, and clay loam

Height: 1-2.5 feet

Type: Warm Season Perennial

Region: Rio Grande Plains, Gulf Coast Prairies and Marshes, Coastal Sand Plains