King's Shade Tolerant Native Grass Mix

King's Shade Tolerant Native Grass Mix


Dilley Slender Grama, South Texas Sideoats Grama, Atascosa Texas Grama, Inland Seaoats, Lavaca Wildrye, White Tridens, Purple Tridens, Catarina Bristlegrass, Welder Shortspike Windmillgrass.

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Planting: Plant with a "Whirlwind" type spreader, or a native grass drill seeder at a rate of 8- 10 lbs. per acre. Apply seed in two equal half applications in different directions. Rake or drag lightly to cover seed to a depth of no more than .25 inches, and lightly roll the entire surface to firm seedbed if possible.

Soil: Suited to native soils in South Texas

Height: Varies; should not be grazed prior to reaching 18-24 inches

Type: Mix (Blue Grama, Sideoats Grama, Buffalograss)

Region: South Texas, Central Texas