Lavaca Canada Wildrye

Lavaca Canada Wildrye


Lavaca Canada Wildrye was originally collected in Lavaca County, Texas. Its ability to produce cool season forage, shade tolerance, and value as cover and feed for deer and birds makes it a multi-use range grass.

Good cool season forage for livestock and deer. Provides nesting cover for fawns.

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Our Texas Natives are certified "Selected Texas Native Germplasm" by the Texas Department of Agriculture. Each variety is of a specific ecotype of its species that was locally sourced from counties in Texas.

Planting: Plant in early fall at a minimum rate of 10 pounds pure live seed (PLS)per acre at 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep on clay soils and up to 1 inch deep on coarse textured soils.

Soil: Grows along fence rows, wooded borders, and in moist sandy and sandy loam soils in floodplains

Type: Cool Season Perennial

Region: Rio Grande Plains, Gulf Coast Praries and Marshes, Rolling Plains, Edwards Plateau, Pineywoods