King's Shade Tolerant Native Grass Mix

King's Shade Tolerant Native Grass Mix

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King's Shade Tolerant Native Grass is designed for areas with dappled sunlight found along riparian areas along waterways. These grasses will not germinate in dense shade. They need 3-6 hours of mixed shade and sunlight to spring up.


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Rangeland Planting Rate: 8- 10 lbs. per acre

  • A 5 lb. bag will plant 1/2 an acre
  • A 10 lb. bag will plant 1 acre
  • A 25 lb. bag will plant 2.5 acres

Establishment: Plant with a "Whirlwind" type spreader, or a native grass drill seeder. Apply seed in two equal half applications in different directions. Rake or drag lightly to cover seed to a depth of no more than .25 inches, and lightly roll the entire surface to firm seedbed if possible.

Soil: Suited to native soils in South Texas

Height: Varies; should not be grazed prior to reaching 18-24 inches

Region: South Texas, Central Texas