Native Sunflowers

Native Sunflowers

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Also known as Annual Sunflower, this hardy annual produces numerous yellow flowers. It is an upright plant, usually 5 to 6 feet in height. Adapted to a wide range of soil conditions throughout the Southern U.S.. Native Sunflowers usually require at least one year of overwintering in the ground to produce a solid stand of plants, due to high percentage of dormant seed. Outstanding attraction for all game birds.

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Best Time To Plant: Fall

Planting Rate: 5-10 lbs per acre

Height: 4’ to 8’ tall

Regions: United States

Soil types: Well drained, non-saline soils

Sunlight: Full sun. At least 8 hours direct sunlight

Type: Annual

Uses: Erosion Control, Attract Game Birds, Feed Wildlife, Livestock Forage