Trophy Forage Plus

Trophy Forage Plus

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Trophy Forage Plus is a mixture of oats, wheat, triticale, hairy vetch, and winter peas. The addition of winter peas helps add extra protein to the mix and nitrogen to the soil. 

This mix is composed of highly nutritious and palatable forages intended not only to attract deer in the fall, but to provide protein and nutrients during the winter/early spring months, when deer need to regain weight and begin early  antler development.

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Planting Rate: 50-100 lbs per acre

Planting Depth: 1/2-1 inch.  deep

Best time to plant: September and October

Soil Type: Works on a variety of soil types


Oats– a good energy source, it is an attractant for hunting, as well as livestock forage.

Winter Wheat– A good winter forage and attractant with the same growing season as oats but more cold tolerant.            

Cereal Rye– Has excellent cold tolerance. Also used as a cover crop and for nematode control in gardens.

Triticale– A cross between wheat and cereal rye, this plant combines the positive characteristics of both plants, while offering better disease resistance.

Winter Peas - a high protein legume that provides forage for deer.