Zizotes Milkweed is a native species found in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado. It has a unique flower compared to other milkweeds. The pale green flowers of the Zizotes are single and close to the stem.

Planting depth: Plant 1/4 inch deep.

Preparing the seed: You can stratify the seed before planting. This involves placing the seed in a moistened coffee filter and putting in a ziploc or container and storing in the fridge for 14-30 days. However, this is typically recommended for planting up north, where temperatures reach near or below freezing for weeks at a time. In Central and South Texas we have seen success in planting without stratification. So if you want to stratify, it will not harm your planting process, but you can skip that step and just wet your seed in a coffee filter for a few days before planting to get the best germination. Then, once your seeds begin to sprout, carefully plant them about a ¼ inch below the soil and keep soil moist for 1 – 2 weeks as the seedlings grow (water less if it rains. The idea is just to keep the soil moist).

The green flower of Zizotes Milkweed.

After the first two weeks, you should be able to scale back your watering to almost nothing. Monitor your plants and if long periods of no rain seem to stress your milkweeds, give them some water. Otherwise they should do fine with natural rainfall patterns.

Prepare for your plant to be eaten to the ground! Humans have a long history of trying to stop bugs from decimating our plants, but if you are planting milkweed to feed Monarch and Queen caterpillars, prepare for your milkweeds to be demolished by the little bugs. It’s ok! Milkweeds are used to this voracious munching in the wild. They are perennials and will grow back as long as it has esta

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