Texas Native Species

For getting the best success, we recommend planting seed that was sourced from a similar eco-region because that selection has spent thousands of years to adapting to those specific conditions.

Our Texas Native grasses have been sourced from all around Texas and each source is identified, so we can ensure the items we put into your mix are well adapted for your region.

Diversity is key to the success of restoring habitat and getting the best growth, which is why we also recommend creating blends with multiple plant species. All of our Texas Native Certified species are sold in mixes, only. We can design custom blends for a wide array of projects. Our seed specialists will work with you to best match the items to your location.


South Texas Native Grasses


South Texas Native Forbs and Woody Plants

Douglass Kind Seeds is a sponsor and producer of certified South Texas Native plant varieties. We are proud to support and work with the South Texas Natives and Texas Native Seeds projects at the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute.