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Short Description: Hairy vetch is an excellent winter cover crop. It is a legume and will add nitrogen to the soil. It is well adapted to soils of somewhat low fertility and less exacting as to soil moisture requirements for successful growth. Vetch is widely used as for soil enhancement and feed source for wildlife and livestock. Please call for larger quantities (210) 661-4191.

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Hairy vetch is cool season, vining annual legume that grows 1-2’ in height.  It is well adapted to soils of somewhat low fertility and has low moisture requirements for successful growth. It can be planted throughout Texas as a cover crop, forage legume, or in food plots.  Doves, quail and turkeys eat the seed, and the foliage is relished by deer and livestock.

Hairy vetch should be planted in the fall.  It is more cold hardy than many winter legumes and was formerly used extensively as a nitrogen fixing legume for crop- and pastureland. 

Planting time: Plant in the early fall so the roots can get established before the first frost.

Planting Rate: 20-30 lbs per acre

For more information: Hairy Vetch Plant Fact Sheet from USDA NRCS