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Short Description: Radish is a cool season annual that is highly digestible, easily established and has high crude protein. Radishes provide a high energy source during the growing season for wildlife and livestock. The deep root system is ideal for cover crop and soil enhancement. Please call for larger quantities (210) 661-4191.

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Radishes are a cool season annuals that produce deep taproots and highly digestible and high crude protein forage for livestock and wildlife.  Radishes grow 2-3 in height. They have recently gained favor as an excellent cover crop for most soil types. They are very highly regarded for alleviating compaction and for adding organic matter to depleted soils.  

Radishes provide a high energy source during the cooler months for wildlife and livestock.  The deep tap root makes them very drought hardy once established.

Planting Rate: 3-5 lbs per acre