Short Description: King’s Maximo Plus Forage Blend is a deer food plot seed mix of oats, winter wheat, triticale, cereal rye, purpletop turnips, radishes, and three clovers—Arrowleaf, Crimson, and Hubam. This food plot seed mix is is easy to establish, and provides fall through spring forage and supplemental protein for deer and other wildlife, and it acts as an attractant to draw them to an area. Maximo Plus is also an excellent cover crop. The highly diverse blend can also provide excellent forage for livestock. The inclusion of 4 different cool season cereal grains makes the mix broadly adapted to a wide variety of soils and climate conditions, resulting in season long forage production. The turnips and radishes provide fast growing forage, and will help alleviate soil compaction and improve organic matter content. The 3 clovers help fix nitrogen back into the soil. Also, the clovers are a great nectar source for native bees and other pollinators. Please call to place an order (210) 661-4191.

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King’s Maximo Plus is a cool season, annual deer food plot seed mix of oats, winter wheat, cereal rye, triticale, purpletop turnips, radishes, and three clovers — Arrowleaf, Crimson, and Hubam.  This mix is a great food plot to plant that will provide supplemental high protein and yield good forage for white-tailed deer and livestock from fall through spring. The broad diversity of plants acts as an attractant to draw deer to the area during hunting season. Maximo Plus is also an excellent cover crop blend for building soil health, preventing erosion, and fixing nitrogen . The turnips and radishes help alleviate soil compaction and improve organic matter in the soil profile, while the clovers will put nitrogen back into the soil. Also, the clovers are a great food source for native bees and other pollinators.  The combination of cool season cereal grains provides broad adaptability of the mix across soil types and climates.  Maximo Plus is our preferred deer food plot seed mixture for South and Central Texas, as well adjacent regions. The blend grows well in both dryland and irrigated conditions.  Maximo can be planted using a conventional grain drill, no-till drill, or be broadcast planted in a prepared seedbed followed by packing or dragging.

Planting Rate: 50-75 lbs per acre

Best time to plant: September through November

Soil Type: this mix will do well in a variety of soils and climates

Planting Rate: 50-75 lbs. per acre


Oats a good food and energy source for deer, an attractant for hunting season, as well as providing significant livestock forage.

Winter Wheat  A good winter forage for colder months, and an effective deer attractant with the same growing season as oats but with more cold tolerance.

Cereal Rye  Has excellent cold tolerance, and the ability to withstand harsh soils and cold conditions. Also used as a cover crop and for nematode control in gardens and fields.

Triticale  A cross between wheat and cereal rye, this plant combines the positive characteristics of both plants including cold hardiness, while offering better disease resistance and greater biomass production.

Purpletop Turnips  Fast emerging  easily established plant, high in digestibility and crude protein. The bulbous roots and leafy tops are relished by deer and exotics, and the bulbs help alleviate soil compaction.

Daikon Radish  Daikon radishes break up compacted subsoil with tap roots reaching 30” or more. Radishes emerge quickly and are very drought hardy. They are a prolific forage and cover crop.

Hubam Clover  An excellent high protein browse from late winter through early summer. Hubam is a white-blossomed sweet clover used for wildlife, grazing and soil improvement.  The deep tap roots can help alleviate soil compaction, and plants fix nitrogen in the soil.

Crimson Clover  Red blossomed annual clover that is the most widely adapted clover species grown in the southern U.S. Crimson Clover has showy blooms and provides good forage for deer and livestock.

Arrowleaf Clover  Late maturing annual clover that will grow through the spring with proper conditions. It is highly palatable to deer and livestock and will regularly reseed itself. Also a good nitrogen fixer.

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