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Welcome Back!

After much work we are happy to announce our website is back online, but we still have many improvements to make. Please send us your feedback, we would love to hear about what you think, and what you would like to see. And as always, we are only a phone call away for any questions you might have. ~ From your friends at Douglass King Seeds.

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Our Approach

We are inspired by our past which challenges us to be the best every day. Our expertise, passion, and unique approach keep us focused on what is important, the successful conservation of land, water, and wildlife.


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This Land

Is Your Land

Conservation and Restoration starts with you and a vision. Regardless of the size or type of project, conservation and restoration plantings start with one acre — and the first acre is just as crucial as the last!

Next to the land, seed is the most vital aspect of the process. At Douglass King Seeds all projects are important and we believe in delivering the right seed and support to our customers to accomplish their goals.

We have knowledgeable representatives that can advise you on the best seed for the project you have in mind. We call it our “prescription service” and, like a doctor who heals people, we can help you improve the health of your land.

For experienced advice, please call us at 1-210-661-4191 or 1-888-DKSEEDS and ask for Mason or Will to discuss how you can improve your land.