Turf & Lawn Grass

We have a great selection of turf and lawn grasses. When you want to plant dictates which grass would be best for your project. Warm season grasses need to be planted in Spring or early Fall. Cool season grasses are planted in Fall.

Warm Season Turf Grass

Warm season loosely refers to the spring and summer. Typically warm season plants are planted in from March to June and August to October. These plants are not frost tolerant and will either have slow growth, or stop all together, during cool/cold weather. 

Cool Season Turf Grass

Cool season loosely refers to the fall and winter. Typically, cool season plants are planted between September 15 to December 31. These plants are frost tolerant or tolerant of cool temperatures, which means they prefer to grow when the temperatures are moderate to cool. These species will keep your lawn green during the winter months. 

Native Prairie Look

If you are looking to go for a native prairie look for your yard — not the traditional, sod-forming lawn format — these mixes will do well. Please keep in mind that these grasses are bunch forming and grow taller than the traditional lawn grasses and will have a rougher look to them.

If you want to keep the traditional lawn, but incorporate natives, consider planting these mixes as an accent in a certain area. Or... We also have a native lawn mix, called Habiturf, that looks closer to a traditional lawn, yet is made of all native grasses that are sod forming.