Short Description: Alamo switchgrass was originally collected in Live Oak County, Texas. It produces a high level of biomass and is a prolific seed producer, giving it value as both a forage and soil stabilizing species. Plants are blue-green and usually slightly waxy. They are taller than the Blackwell variety; with stems larger and the leaves usually longer and wider. Flowering occurs 1 to 2 months later than in Blackwell. Seed are smooth and shiny, with about 426,000 per pound. Good pasture forage and hay for livestock and wildlife. Provides cover and food for upland game birds and small mammals. Please call to place an order (210) 661-4191.

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Alamo switchgrass is a native, warm season perennial bunchgrass that grows 6-10’ at maturity. Switchgrass is well adapted to most soil types and regions of Texas, although it is not common in the Trans Pecos or in drier regions except for along creeks and rivers. Once established, switchgrass is extremely drought hardy and persistent, and produces large amounts of quality forage for livestock, excellent yearlong wildlife cover, and copious seed eaten by quail, turkeys, and doves. Alamo switchgrass is commonly used in CRP, range, pasture, reclamation, and wildlife habitat plantings. It has also been extensively studied for use as biofuel, filter strips, and for hay production.

Alamo is an aggressive, lowland-type switchgrass that tends to outcompete shorter native grasses and forbs, thus it should only be included as a small percentage of planting mixes on uplands or where diverse native vegetation is desired. Switchgrass establishment from seed is slow, and newly planted areas should be deferred from grazing or disturbance until plants are well established. Switchgrass is considered one of the “big 4” dominant grasses of the Tallgrass Prairies of North America. Alamo was developed by the USDA NRCS James E. “Bud” Smith Plant Materials Center from seed collected from native plants along the Frio River in Live Oak County, Texas.

For more information: Alamo Switchgrass Brochure from USDA NRCS


Plant in the spring at a rate of 1.5-2.5 lbs. pure live seed (PLS) per acre at 1/4 inch deep.


Sandy to sandy loam


6- 10 feet


Warm Season Perennial