Pasture And Forage Grasses

Selection 75 Kleingrass

Kleingrass is a high protein, high yielding forage for cattle, but ca be toxic to sheep, goats, and horses. Its dense foliage can provide good cover and habitat for wildlife, and the seeds are eaten by several game birds.

Selection 75 Kleingrass Brochure

NK-37 Giant Bermuda Grass

This is known for its fast, vigorous, tall growth and rapid recovery after cutting or pasturing during warm summer months.

NK-37 Giant Bermuda Grass Brochure

King's Forage Blend Bermuda

Our Blend combines three proven Bermuda grasses, NK-37 Giant, Maya, and Common Bermudagrass to provide an excellent grazing mix.

King's Forage Blend Bermuda Brochure