Short Description: Wooly Croton is a native, warm-season annual that produces copious amounts of seeds that are a favorite food source of dove, quail, turkey, and other seed-eating birds. The plant has little to no value to livestock or deer. Wooly Croton can be planted in the fall, so that seed can overwinter to help break seed dormancy, or it can be planted in late spring or early summer for fall dove plots. Once established on a planting site, Wooly Croton will volunteer after the planting year with soil disturbance such as disking or as a result of hoof action by livestock, especially on sandy soils. Please call to place an order (210) 661-4191.

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Wooly croton or dove weed is a native, warm season annual forb that grows 3-5’ tall.  This croton is common on sandy soils, pastures, old fields, and prairies in South, Central, and East Texas.  Wooly croton is not grazed livestock, but is a favorite food source of doves, quail, and wild turkeys. 

Wooly croton is an excellent plant for dove and quail food plots, and as an addition to diverse native plant seed mixes for restoration plantings to benefit wildlife.  Croton should be planted in late spring or early summer for fall maturity.  Wooly croton frequently reseeds itself annually with soil disturbance on sites where was planted to.

Planting Rate: 3-5 lbs per acre

For more information: Wooly Croton in Plants of Texas Rangelands Virtual Herbarium