Short Description: Hachita Blue Grama is drought resistant perennial, native bunchgrass that can also be grown as a moderately dense turf. It is an excellent forage and cures well on the ground, making it a desirable livestock forage in all seasons. Hachita Blue Grama is an excellent choice for rangeland restoration, mining reclamation, roadside stabilization, native lawns, and landscaping. Hachita is broadly adapted throughout the southwest and has been extensively used in rangeland restoration and pasture seeding in the western two thirds of Texas and adjacent states. Hachita Blue Grama also has utility for use in native lawn blends, erosion control plantings, or for xeriscaping applications. It can be grown as drought tolerant native lawn, and it is a common component of most native lawn and shortgrass seed blends along with buffalograss, curly mesquite, and sideoats grama. Hachita does best in lawn applications when mowed infrequently and when allowed to grow 4-12″ in height.. For lawn and landscaping applications, Hachita needs full sun and requires very little supplemental water once established. Please call to place an order (210) 661-4191.

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Hachita Blue Grama is a native, warm season bunchgrass grass that is 6”-2’ tall at maturity. It is very drought resistant and cures well on the ground, making it a highly productive livestock forage grass. It is very palatable to livestock in all seasons, and also provides good cover to grassland wildlife. It also works well for restoration, mining reclamation, native lawns, landscaping and right-of-way stabilization.

Hachita Blue Grama was developed by the USDA NRCS Las Lunas Plant Materials Center from native plants collected near Hachita New Mexico in 1957. Hachita is generally thought to be more drought resistant than other varieties of blue grama. It is well adapted to a variety of soils ranging from sand to gravelly loams. Hachita has been shown to have greater seedling vigor than other types of blue grama, making it well suited for establishing grass cover on extremely arid planting sites such as roadsides.

For more information: Hachita Blue Grama Brochure from USDA NRCS


Plant in the spring at a rate of 1.5 lbs. pure live seed (PLS) per acre


Grows in a variety of soils


8 - 20 inches


Warm Season Perennial


High Plains, Rolling Plains, Trans Pecos, and Edwards Plateau rangelands; region wide in erosion control, lawn, and landscape plantings